Strikers Edge Beta
and Promo Event Signup

The event is over!

Of all the 24 challengers we had on stream, you guys won 13 matches, which means a launch discount of 17%!

Congratulations to all the winners! We'll see you all January 30th on the arena!

Fun Punch Games and Playdius are organizing two special events in which beta players will be able to influence the release pricing of Strikers Edge on January 30.

Individual beta players will join the stream events and play against Fun Punch Devs. At the end of the events the win ratio of the players (in percentage) will be reported to a 0 to 30 scale* that will represent the final release promotion of Strikers Edge on Steam and on the stores partners.

To join, request a beta access fill the form bellow and check the box requesting a spot to play during the stream. You will have to provide your Steam account name in order for us to send you a friend invite (check the top right corner of you Steam app).

Streams will take place on:

Twitch event will take place on the following Stream:

Fun Punch Twitch channel

The players will be able to influence the release promotion on a percentage basis as explained here: