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Strikers Edge Twitch Integration

Strikers Edge offers extra functionalities through Twitch. If you're a streamer you can interact with your audience through the game in fun new ways, if you're a viewer, you get new ways of expressing in the chat and have more meaningful impact and interaction with your favorite streamers. It's the best of both worlds!

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For Streamers

If you're a streamer, you can activate Strikers Edge Twitch Integration to enable interactivity between you, your Strikers Edge match and your audience on Twitch chat. Through game mode voting, audience members, reactions and power-ups, you can improve the interactivity between you and your audience in new, super fun ways, adding a breath of fresh air to your stream and bringing in new and more viewers.

How to connect Strikers Edge to your Twitch account:

  1. Login to you Twitch account on your browser
  2. Launch Strikers Edge
  3. In the main menu, go to Options, then Twitch Integration tab
  4. Select "Connect to Twitch". This will open a new tab on your browser
  5. Click accept so that Strikers Edge can communicate with your account. We only require the minimum possible access, don't worry.
  6. You'll be forwarded to a webpage with a unique token generated just for you. Don't show this to anyone! Copy that token and go back to your Strikers Edge client.
  7. Paste it in the text field under "xxxxx" and press Enter
  8. You should now be connected and be able to see a list of options. We recommend testing the game out first with a few friends on a test channel before playing it live on your main Twitch channel.
  9. If you require more help, send us an email or reach us on Twitter.


We provide a few options for you to choose from to costumize your Strikers Edge experience while live on Twitch.

  • Allow only subs to join as crowd members

    Restrict twitch interaction to subscribers

  • Allow chat enabled weapons

    Allow crowd to vote for weapons to be thrown into the arena

  • Allow chat enabled powerups

    Allow crowd to vote for powerups such as block stacks and health packs to be thrown into the arena

For Viewers

If you're watching your favorite streamer playing Strikers Edge, you can interact with him through Twitch chat. Vote for the next game modifier, join the arena as a member of the crowd, boo or cheer each move or result and vote for powerups and influence the outcome of the game.

Game Modifiers

Game modifiers change up the rules of the game for the next match. Viewers can vote once for the next modifier(s) before a game starts. Modifiers affect both players in the game.

  • tiny characters game mod

    Tiny Characters

    Characters become teeny weeny little warriors

  • tiny characters game mod

    Slippery Floor

    Floor is slippery

  • tiny characters game mod

    One Shot One Kill

    One shot kills instantly!

  • tiny characters game mod


    Aiming is done automically, time your shots!

  • tiny characters game mod

    Huge Weapons

    Giant flying deadly objects!

  • tiny characters game mod

    Spam, Spam, Spam!

    Cooldown between shots is decreased, stamina regen is increased. Be quick or be dead!

  • tiny characters game mod

    Fast Charge

    Charge attack times are reduced to 50%

  • tiny characters game mod

    Lights Out

    Character HP, stamina and block counters become hidden!

Chat Commands

Chat commands are text bits you can input in Twitch chat to perform actions inside the game. As a viewer, this is your way to interact with the match and the streamer playing. Here is are all available commands:

  • !join

    Join the audience in the arena as a crowd member. Your name will appear above a newly spawned crowd member in a random side of the arena and you'll be able to perform all other commands below.

  • !cheer

    Cheer for the striker on your side of the arena by throwing him flowers (or kappas!) and performing a cheer animation.

  • !boo

    Boo out the striker on your side of the arena by throwing tomatoes at him. Such BM.

  • [1-3]

    Vote for a powerup to be thrown into the arena. Check the graphic overlay above the crowd on your side of the arena.

  • !vote[1-8]

    While on the voting screen, type this to vote for your favorite game modifier to be enabled on the next match. Only the first vote per vote screen counts.


  • I'm a streamer, how do I get a review copy of Strikers Edge to review/show to my audience?

    Request a review copy through our Do Distribute page.

  • I don't want to be queued against streamers, is it possible to disable that feature?

    Yes, absolutely. In the main menu, select Play Online, then Normal. You'll be presented with the choice of modes between 1v1 or 2v2. There is a checkbox near the bottom of the screen that reads "Search for matches in Fun Mode".

  • Do matches with Twitch Integration enabled change my elo?

    No. Matches played with Twitch Integration enabled are meant to be fun centered, non-competitive driven and, therefore, do not change you elo.

  • Is there Twitch Integration on PS4?

    No. We currently have no plans for supporting Twitch Integration on PlayStation 4.

  • Can I monetize Strikers Edge gameplay videos?



Do you need help understanding or configuring Twitch Integration? Do you have feedback? Hit us up on Twitter or via email.

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